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Problems reading close up?

When we reach our mid 40s, changes to our near vision make every day activities such as reading the newspaper or fine print, looking at menus, or text messaging more difficult. This is a natural process which affects everyone. This change to our eyesight is called presbyopia.

What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia Treatment Options

Presbyopia is commonly corrected by wearing reading glasses which can often be inconvenient or uncomfortable. SupraCOR is the latest option available to treat presbyopia however not all people will be suitable. There are a number of other options available that may be more suitable for your eyes.

What is presbyopia?

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Supracor LASIK Eye Surgery Sydney

The SUPRACOR treatment involves two separate procedures, and is based on the well known, commonly used LASIK laser eye treatment for vision correction.

Firstly, a customized LASIK eye surgery procedure is performed to correct your vision, i.e. myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. This is then immediately followed by the SUPRACOR treatment to correct your presbyopia.

The SUPRACOR laser procedure is very effective for suitable candidates, generally taking between 20-30 minutes to treat both eyes.

Benefits of SUPRACOR

  • Convenient & comfortable - typically 20-30 minutes to treat both eyes
  • Personalised treatment - both the vision and presbyopic corrections are tailored to your unique eye shape and individual needs
  • Uses the well-established LASIK treatment technique for vision correction
  • Immediate results - your near vision will improve quickly, typically a day after treatment
  • Quick return to normal activities - you can normally return to all your usual activities, including work and driving within very few days
  • No need for glasses - many patients no longer need glasses, some may require them in some situations such as very low light or reading very fine print.
  • Clinically proven - the SUPRACOR LASIK treatment is effective for people deemed suitable*
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* D.R. Pietrini; J. Castanera; J. Chaubard; A. Roure; T.S. Guedj. Clinical Study of Visual Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction With Excimer Procedure for Presbyopia. ASCRS Free Paper, 2011
^ Subject to suitability—results can vary for each individual.